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Looking For Ariel

This short story is a counter-mapping experiment written by Lia Tarachansky as part of the first issue of the Asufit, a publication by participants of the School for Unlearning Zionism. The Asufit (Gatherer) is a collection of stories, images and articles which reveal our personal critical perspectives as Jewish Israelis.

The first Asufit issue, which will be published in a bilingual edition (English and Hebrew), deals with different layers of hegemonic Zionist narratives, whether these layers are visible, covert or imaginary. By looking at the multilayered Israeli reality and at specific moments and places in it, we interrupt and reflect on power structures as they exist within it.

We invite you to enter the Asufit, a space which documents processes and creates opportunities of and for shared learning as a decolonial act.


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