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In February 2022 Lia Tarachansky will be leading an eight-week workshop on the political uses and potential uses of Augmented Reality in decolonization in Israel/Palestine. The workshop is organized by Zochrot, an Israeli organization working on teaching the Nakba and on decolonization through a variety of creative and activist means. 

All who are interested in participating are invited to contact Tarachansky for further details.

Augmented Reality is a new media that makes possible the overlay of virtual elements onto the physical reality via smart phones. Using the phone’s camera, AR can add data2D imagesanimation, or 3D objects, augmenting the view of the real world with endless virtual possibilities. Examples include everything from face masks to overlays of historic monuments no longer present in the real landscape, to political interventions with significant locations.

For more information, click on the English, Hebrew, or Arabic invitations below.

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Zochrot Invitation - English.jpg
Zochrot Invitation - Hebrew.jpg
Zochrot Invitation - Arabic.jpg

How can journalists interrogate and overcome the colonial gaze? The question is key to the work of Lia Tarachansky - filmmaker, journalist, and York PhD candidate in Cinema and Media Studies - who has explored power relations and colonialism in the Middle East, Canada, and elsewhere. Tarachansky was one of last year's honorees in the Elia Scholars Program, York's most prestigious internal award, facilitated by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

What is the connection between Pokémon Go and the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) of 1948?
The Great Game podcast speaks with Lia Tarachansky, a scholar, journalist and activist about augmented reality (AR) and how it can be used in games to create a layer of information that can only be seen by those who play the game, and how this shared ability to see something can create a community and convey a political message.

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