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"More often, historical denial is less the result of a planned campaign
than a gradual seepage of knowledge down some collective black hole"
- Stanley Cohen 
For most in Israel-Palestine, the roots of the conflict trace back to the 1940's, when Jews were being slaughtered across Europe. When many survivors of the Holocaust were forced to become Palestine's reluctant colonizers, they join the then-nascent Zionist movement that sought to create a national home for Jews. After tensions with the indigenous Palestinians erupted into civil strife in 1947, and full-out war in 1948, two-thirds of the natives were driven out, and never allowed to return. The Palestinians call this The Nakba (The Catastrophe), referring to their dispossession and dispersal around the globe to this day. In Israel, discussion about the events that transpired is still a major taboo as Palestinian displacement, their very reason for struggle against Israel, is rarely mentioned. Its striking absence from Israeli textbooks, media, art, and politics stands in contrast to the surviving memory of the victims and perpetrators, many of whom still alive today. This collective denial is the subject of the reports below, and of Lia Tarachansky feature documentary ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD (2013), a Naretiv Productions film.
Lia Tarachansky Q&A about her film On the Side of the Road 

Following the screening at the TRNN Media Center in Baltimore, Lia takes on the complex questions raised in her film about Israel's biggest taboo. Sept 2, 2014

Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)

Ms. Tarachansky says Israel is ripping itself apart and fascism is celebrating in the ruins. Dec 19, 2014

Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (2/3)

Ms. Tarachansky talks about her journey from growing up in a settlement to opposition to the Israeli occupation.

Dec 18, 2014

Identity and Collective Denial - Lia Tarachansky on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3) 

Ms. Tarachansky, TRNN Israel - Palestine correspondent and former Israeli settler, tells Paul Jay about her new documentary film, On the Side of the Road. Dec 17, 2014

Israel Celebrates Independence Day, Arrests Activists 

While hundreds of thousands celebrated, the police arrested three activists for trying to question the history of this day.  April 26, 2012

Israelis Defy Nakba Law on Independence Day 

On the 63rd Israeli Independence Day, Israelis defy the ban on mourning the Nakba in the heart of Tel Aviv. May 14, 2011

Speaking to Israelis on the Nakba 

For this year's Nakba Day, May 15th, TRNN asks Israelis what they know about the history of '48.  May 19, 2010

Suheir Hammad on "Salt of This Sea" 

Suheir Hammad, poet and star of "Salt of This Sea" Speaks on the movie, which premiers at the Toronto Palestine Film Festival. She talks on the various worlds within Israel/Palestine and on the experience of access, segregation, and privilege.  May 19, 2010

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